The Cello Studio at the University of Oregon

The Cello Studio at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance (SOMD) consists of approximately 12 students majoring in music with cello as their primary instrument.

The SOMD provides an experience closer to that of a smaller college, but under the umbrella of our flagship university in Oregon. Students can major in cello performance and/or music education at all levels, (bachelors, masters, and doctoral). Undergraduates have the option of selecting a broader curriculum by pursuing the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degrees in Music. We have a comprehensive curriculum that includes a full symphony orchestra (and an elite chamber orchestra within), multiple faculty chamber ensembles, a cutting edge Baroque program with degrees in Musicology and Historical Performance Practice. We also have the unparalleled beauty of Oregon with the Cascade Mountains to our east and the Pacific Coast to our west.

The Cello Class is a tightly knit group of dedicated and mutually supportive students. In addition to individual lessons, we meet together each week for two hours during which students perform the repertoire they are studying. We also work together on cello technique, cello ensemble, orchestral repertoire, and have occasional master classes with visiting cellists.

Master Classes have been presented by Yo­Yo Ma, Carter Brey (New York Philharmonic Principal Cellist), David Finkel (Emerson String Quartet), Timothy Eddy (Orion String Quartet), Alison Wells (Peabody Institute), Steve Doane (Eastman School of Music), Nancy Ives (Oregon Symphony Principal Cellist), Julie Albers (McDuffie Center for Strings at Mercer University), Rhonda Rider (Boston Conservatory of Music), Ronald Leonard (Colburn School of Music), Anthony Arnone (University of Iowa) and many others.

I am happy to meet with any cello student interested in applying to the UO SOMD for a free “get acquainted” lesson/interview.